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SEO basics checklist

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been a big buzzword for several years. But what does it really mean? And maybe you’ve wondered how to ensure your website is optimized for search engines?

SEO is a set of techniques that can help Google, Bing and all the other search engines find and rate your website. If you want to get on the front page of Google, you’d better have some of these techniques in mind. If your website is languishing and has little or no traffic, SEO can help change that (although it’s not a magic bullet).

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Is it right to hire a ghostwriter for your web content?

Is it OK that someone else writes the words in your web pages or should it all come from you? Will people assume you’re a fraud if you don’t credit the writer? I’d like to address this, as it is a creeping doubt that lingers at the back of some people’s heads. We’re all brought up to be honest, right? In this article, I want to explain why I say it’s time to exorcise your fears of a ghostwriter.

A content copywriting meeting
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Getting the most out of Google Search – a user guide

Sometimes even with powerful search engines like Google, it can still be hard to sort the good results from the bad. After years of getting involved with SEO and SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), I know a thing or two about getting the stuff you want from this search engine giant. With these few tips that you may or may not have come across, I can show you how to supercharge your Google-fu.

Eliminate frustrating Google search snafus!

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Announcing new WordPress project success!

It’s always a great feeling when the project you’ve been working on takes its first steps. So that is why I’m proud to announce the launch of The Pot Still’s newest incarnation of their website.

The WordPress website for Glasgow Pub, the Pot Still

This project was a WordPress site refresh. Using this effective and intuitive CMS allows staff to update their content, e-commerce shop and link in social media updates, without any complicated web design knowledge.

Customising an existing WordPress template allowed the Pot Still to get an affordable but attractive new look for their website and Jellydigio is proud to have helped them to do that!

For anyone looking for web design services for the hospitality industry, get in touch and see how we can help you!

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Why your own website content should be top priority!

Like everyone else, I often leave my own maintenance tasks until last. As a freelance content creator and digital marketer, even I am prone to leaving my own website’s content and upkeep projects on the backburner while I do “more important” stuff.

Like a builder’s house, websites are never finished. Their content and functionality should be in a permanent state of flux. Why is this? Partly because a business should be always doing something and a website is a reflection of this state. Partly in response to new technologies and standards that require a change. But the trouble is, mostly the updates aren’t done because it’s not seen as a profit-making venture, and taking care of customers is instinctively a higher priority. Can anyone argue with that?

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