Is it right to hire a ghostwriter for your web content?

Is it OK that someone else writes the words in your web pages or should it all come from you? Will people assume you’re a fraud if you don’t credit the writer? I’d like to address this, as it is a creeping doubt that lingers at the back of some people’s heads. We’re all brought up to be honest, right? In this article, I want to explain why I say it’s time to exorcise your fears of a ghostwriter.

A content copywriting meeting
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Why your own website content should be top priority!

Like everyone else, I often leave my own maintenance tasks until last. As a freelance content creator and digital marketer, even I am prone to leaving my own website’s content and upkeep projects on the backburner while I do “more important” stuff.

Like a builder’s house, websites are never finished. Their content and functionality should be in a permanent state of flux. Why is this? Partly because a business should be always doing something and a website is a reflection of this state. Partly in response to new technologies and standards that require a change. But the trouble is, mostly the updates aren’t done because it’s not seen as a profit-making venture, and taking care of customers is instinctively a higher priority. Can anyone argue with that?

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