Before we start, thank you for bothering to check out this page! But it really is pretty straightforward and reasonable. There’s a summary of our policies and a “plain English” version to help make everything crystal clear. Enjoy!


No, we won’t use your details to spam you. It’s expected that if you enquired, you’re interested in what we are offering, and you might like to know if we have a special deal in the future, but to be honest, we don’t tend to bulk email as that’s a little impersonal. And besides, you have the right to opt out at any point, no hard feelings.

Prices and quotes

Quotes have a shelf life. Prices change over time for most things. Have you seen the price of Freddo Frogs these days? We will not try to pull out the rug from under your feet, but quotes might change if you decide you want your website to go in a different direction or use a fancy new piece of tech not previously discussed.We’ll try to offer you a cooling off period in case you get cold feet and return your deposit if that’s the case. However, if you agree we should commence work but do not supply requested information, such as content, the project may be closed and deposit kept by us at our discretion. Or, if you decide to pull out but have requested us to make out of pocket expenses on your behalf, these will be charged back to you. If you want us to travel a long way to see you, and we haven’t already discussed including this, you might need to pay us back for plane tickets etc. It’s all fairly standard stuff.

Other Legal

If we design or write you something, it belongs to you. From time to time, we may want to show our clients off, so we’ll ask if we can use your site or other work we have done as an example. If you supply us with an image or piece of text, make sure you have the rights to use it, such as an appropriate licence.

These terms and policies may change, please always double check.

A more formal contract would be issued before commencement of works.

Thanks for making it this far 🙂