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Web Design Services

We’ve been coding web pages since they were novelty items! What we now offer is website design services to Glasgow and UK based companies that have a lower marketing budget or have a funding gap between what they need and what they can afford.

Our packages are competitive because we can keep our overheads low. We do not cater to large multi-national corporations, so we don’t need a huge team, a champagne budget, or to pass on a huge tax bill to our customers. The entrepreneur, SME, or 3rd sector people who come to Jellydigio can breathe a sigh of relief that there can be easy-to-use, attractive, and informative websites available for them without the huge price tag of some digital agencies.

  1. Look through our offerings to get an idea of what we supply
  2. Get in touch with our friendly staff and we can talk about your requirements
  3. We can supply a quote with a breakdown of costs
  4. Let’s work together!

Simple site

“Ideal if you know what you want on your site, but just need a place to put it. You purchase the domain name and hosting so you retain control.”

One of our lowest cost, most straightforward options.

When you first decided you needed a website, perhaps you wanted to get a running start and secure your domain name before someone else did. And you might have even taken a hosting package as part of a deal. But now you realise you’re far to busy doing your own work to do it, or find it a bit intimidating with so much jargon flying about.

Or perhaps you just want your old site upgraded with a more modern, mobile-friendly site.

Not to worry, this is where we come in.

Doesn’t do everything you want? Use our Simple Site package as a basis to build on to extended functionality, such as WordPress plugins, for a bit extra.


  • WordPress powered site, one of the world’s most popular Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Choose from thousands of templates to get the look and feel you love
  • Mobile responsive – works on all devices
  • Add your own branding to make it unique
  • Add banner images from your own source photos or royalty-free stock images
  • A Google map and contact form embedded so customers can get in touch
  • Default pages: Home, About, Products and Services, Contact Us
  • Training on how to add your own future content
  • Help setting up basic email

from £250

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eCommerce site

“Extend your site’s ROI by adding online retail. This package includes everything in “Simple site” and adds the shopping functionality.”

Our simple sites are powered by WordPress. And from there we add the extended functionality of an e-commerce platform.

Build a beautiful online store to accomodate your needs from a digital download, to a pair of trainers, to … well, most things.

Using WooCommerce* we’ll set up your initial range of products and make sure everything works. We’ll help you understand how to update your shops with new products or adjust your prices* and then watch the sales come in!

*Other WordPress compatible systems such as Shopify can also be accomodated. You could also hire us to help with your online retail shop’s maintenance on a monthly retainer basis.


  • WooCommerce e-commerce package
  • Pre-load of up to 20 products
  • Help with configuration, including tricky shipping costs
  • Training on how to update prices, add or remove products, and running promotions

from £700

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Managed hosted site

“You want someone to be on hand to run your website’s hosting for you. You might also want us to arrange a domain name for you.”

If you want the whole shebang from a server to host your site’s files, to a linked up domain name (choose .com or .co.uk, or even .ninja!) to email configuration, we’re likely to have what you’re looking for. AND we can build your website on top of that.

If your site is small and self-contained, you can choose shared hosting to lower the costs. If you’re expecting a lot of traffic, you can choose a dedicated server or higher bandwidth packgage. Or if you’re uncertain, we can upgrade you at a later date as your needs dictate.

We’ll support your servers and clear snags to great website performance, for a monthly fee that reflects the amount of care you’ll need. Although it might be more expensive than a website you fix yourself, it doesn’t have to cost the moon either, especially if you’re just a little uncertain about the procedures and want some hand holding.


  • Host your website on a server via Jellydigio
  • Choose which kind of server fits your needs (shared, dedicated, cloud, etc)
  • Get some help choosing a domain name for a fast-paced world
  • Add a Simple or eCommerce site
  • Get your site up and running quickly, then relax
  • Get support when something isn’t behaving as you expected with your server

12-month contract (plus web design package as above)

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Web content services

Web content can mean anything from a text description to a social media post, to a photo of your workplace, to a helpful explanatory video that informs your customers. The point is, this is what the humans who come to your site need.

They want stories that fascinate them about how you work, why you do it, or who is on your team.

They want to know why they should choose your business or charity to give their money, and that is the whole point.

So choose a company that knows how to pitch content to different audiences, to optimise it for search engines like Google, and how to really speak your language.


“You need to add engaging and informative content to your website but can’t seem to find the way to do it. Get the right words or pictures with Jellydigio.”

Not only will we help make your work fascinating, we can also supply beautiful royalty-free images and videos, ideas for SEO strategy, and social media posting services. The best way to find out about Jellydigio’s content services is to get in touch and arrange a chat.

We can also offer monthly discounts on regular site updates, if that’s what you need to keep your business fresh and enticing to customers.


  • Professional writer input, editing, and proofing techniques
  • Updates for your website, social media account, or e-Newsletter to make them fresh and exciting
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) built-in
  • Smaller file sizes (and quicker download speeds) for your images


from just £0.05 per word

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Logos and Graphics

Like most web design houses, we have a lot of graphics experience too. Need a quick header banner? Or how about a diagram that traces your work’s production process? Maybe you even need some printed materials. Give us a shout, and we’ll let you know what we can do for you.

The output will be optimised for the format it’s required in, and you’ll get directions how to use it (or we can deploy it for you to your website, for example).

Logos from £300, graphics from £14.99

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Custom work

“You want a range of services, from website design to the content inside it, social media campaigns and more.

Find a great deal at Jellydigio”

Contact us for functionality specific to your industry, such as restaurant menus, real estate listings, events calendars and more!


  • Customise what services you need and don’t pay for what you don’t want
  • Get slick plugins and extensions to make your site smarter
  • Customise your look and feel
  • Check your site’s speed and performance

Tell us what you need, and let’s get you a quote!

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